If you have added a sender in Zoomit, you can also refuse this sender again at any time.

Proceed as follows to refuse a sender:

  • Start Internet Banking and go to the Zoomit section
  • Open a document of your choice
  • Select Senders.

  • Select the sender you want to refuse
  • Choose RefuseĀ on the right hand of the screen.

  • Confirm your choice. Your request will be passed to the sender.

You must repeat steps 5 till 6 for every sender you wish to remove.


  • Zoomit delivers the documents submitted by the senders and does not decide what is sent or to whom.
  • Your request to stop receiving documents via Zoomit must be processed by the sender. He will propose a different delivery method.
  • Even if you have removed the sender from Zoomit, you may in the future receive new invitations from this sender to use Zoomit. It will always be your decision whether to accept or to decline them.
  • When you have removed a sender from Zoomit you and all other users will lose access to those documents. You are advised to download all documents before removing a sender. See our help page Save a document.
  • If for a certain sender you don't see the Refuse option, Check who is the addressee of the document: If you are not the addressee and the addressee has accepted the sender, this sender is automatically part of your accepted senders. As a result, the Refuse button does not appear in your screens.