Thanks to the integration/collaboration between Zoomit/Doccle and the senders of digital documents who have chosen to share their documents in parallel on these two platforms, your documents are now accessible both via Zoomit and via Doccle.

In practice 

You are a Zoomit user, you also have a Doccle account and your sender offers his digital documents (invoices) on both platforms 

➜ You have access to this sender's documents via Zoomit AND via Doccle.  


You can enjoy the best of both platforms:

  • More digital document senders available in your secure environment
  • Extended choice of payment method:  
    • As Zoomit is integrated in your bank app, you take advantage of your bank's payment interface
    • Doccle offers payment via a QR code in your browser or via Bancontact in the Doccle app
  • You pay your invoice via the platform of your choice and its status 'To be paid' is automatically updated to 'Paid' on BOTH platforms.
  • Advanced options to access your document history via Doccle

More info in Managing my documents on Zoomit and Doccle