If you no longer wish to use Zoomit, we recommend that you contact each sender. You can ask each sender to send your documents via another channel, for example, in paper format by post or electronic format by e-mail.

For many senders, this can be done on their respective websites, in your dedicated Customer Portal linked to your account.

If you do not have this option, you need to contact the sender by telephone or in writing or visit a corresponding point of sale.

Any sender who subscribes to the service may propose you to receive documents via Zoomit. You cannot stop these invitations. Of course, as customer it is always your decision whether or not to accept that offer and to receive documents from then on via Zoomit.

The rule of thumb:

  • The sender decides whether to offer documents, or not
  • The customer decides whether to receive them, or not

Zoomit is a standard and Mobile Internet Banking service. You cannot remove Zoomit (the logo and the accompanying screens). The Zoomit service is included explicitly in your bank’s General Terms and Conditions for using Internet and Mobile Banking.