It are the senders of invoices and pay slips who decide whether to offer documents to you in Zoomit. So, you do not have to make any requests. However, you do need to confirm, for each sender, that you accept his offer and want to receive his documents via Zoomit from now on.
The rule of thumb:

  • The sender decides whether to offer documents, or not
  • The customer decides whether to receive them, or not

Proceed as follows to accept a sender:

  • Start Internet Banking and go to the Zoomit section.
  • Open a document at your choice.
  • Select Senders.

  • Select the sender you want to accept.
  • Choose Accept on the right hand of the screen.

  • Confirm your choice. You get immediate access to the accepted documents.

Exception: Senders (like Proximus) expect you to submit a request to receive your documents via Zoomit. Are you unable to locate any documents in Zoomit for a sender who is mentioned on the Zoomit site? If so, contact this sender. Only the sender can confirm to you whether he has offered a document in Zoomit or is sending it to you in some other way, such as in paper form.