You can modify the payment status of an invoice at any time. You should do this if, for example, you have issued payment without using the payment button in the Internet Banking application or if your refuse the payment.
Take the following steps:

  • Start your Internet Banking application and go to the Zoomit section

    Note: Some bank offer a direct link to the Zoomit menu's. If not, open a document in your bank application. The Zoomit menu's (Senders - Documents - Settings) are available on the top right of your document.

  • Select the tab Documents

  • Click on the appropriate document and on Modify 

  • Select Paid elsewhere and add a comment if wanted

  • Click on Save to confirm.

The status of the document has now changed to Paid elsewhere.


  • This manual change has no impact whatsoever on the actual payment of the invoice
  • This change is not forwarded to the sender.