If a sender is accepted by the addressee, the mandate holders on the bank account will automatically have access to the documents of this sender except if the sender has indicated that it is (these are) confidential (for example salary slips).

The addressee of the document may at any time choose not to share this access with the mandatee of his bank account. To allow people who have access to the bank account to view a document, follow these steps:

  • Start your Internet Banking application and go to the Zoomit section.

    Some bank offer a direct link to the Zoomit menu's.
    If not, open a document in your bank application. The Zoomit menu's (Senders - Documents - Settings) are available on the top right of your document.

  • Select Senders

  • Select the desired sender at your left for which you want to deny access to other persons. At your right you see all the properties of the document.
    You can now deny access to all persons who have rights on your accounts by clicking on Modify.

    Remark: if 3 persons have access to your account, all of these 3 will have a denied access. You cannot select 1 or 2 users.
  • Click on Deny access

    You can adapt these access rights and provide access at any time by repeating the operation and selecting Grant access