One of your accepted senders is also present in the list of your new senders to accept.

Some senders provide various services to their customers: 

  • Internet - Telephony - Mobile - Television
  • Car insurance  - Home insurance - Fire insurance
  • ......

Some customers may have several different contracts with their sender:

  • A building owner or manager who manages a number of water or electricity meters
  • An access provider or insurance customer
  • .... 

These different types of contracts are registered under different customer numbers at most senders.
When a sender is accepted, it is for ONE customer number.

If you have several contracts at the same sender, you are also identified under different customer numbers at this sender.

This means that if you want to manage all the documents of this sender via Zoomit, you will have to accept the sender as many times as you have customer numbers at this sender.

It is therefore quite possible that a sender needs to be accepted more than once.