You can decide to refuse a sender at any time, whether it is a new sender or an already accepted sender.

  • Start your Internet Banking and go to the Zoomit section

    Note: Some bank offer a direct link to the Zoomit menu's. If not, open a random document in your bank application. The Zoomit menu's (Senders - Documents - Settings) are available on the top right of your document.

  • Select the tab Senders

  • Select the sender you want to refuse
  • Choose Refuse on the right hand of the screen

  • After reading the information relating to the refusing of a sender, confirm by clicking on Refuse sender

The sender now appears as Refused in the sender list

Repeat these steps for each sender you want to refuse.


Zoomit provides you with the documents that the senders send you and does not decide what is sent or to whom. Your request to no longer receive documents via Zoomit must be processed by the sender who will offer you another delivery channel.

A refused sender can still send you new invitations to use Zoomit but you still have the option of accepting them or not. If you refuse a sender, you and the users who had access in the past will no longer be able to consult the documents of this sender. It is therefore important to save your documents before refusing a sender.

See our help page Save a document

In some cases it is impossible to reject a sender because the Refuse button does not appear in your screens: