Using Zoomit is …

  • Taking advantage of a free service that is present in your Online Banking application.

  • Receiving an e-mail notification when a new document (invoice, pay slip, credit card statement, etc.) is available in the Zoomit section of your App or Online Banking application.

  • Receiving digital documents that look exactly like the paper version and contain the same information.

  • In a few clicks, approving and paying an invoice. No need to enter the data from the payment slip, in Zoomit it is already pre-filled.

  • No longer forgetting to pay your invoices: a few days before the final payment date, you will receive a reminder e-mail. This way you avoid administrative costs or interruption of service by your suppliers for late payment.

  • Having access to all your documents and the corresponding payments, at home, at the office or while travelling in a secure environment: your Online Banking application.
    To be the only one who can read the content or share access with the co-holders of your bank account.
    be able to simply save your documents on your computer.

  • Contributing to the environment: With Zoomit, you are rid of paperwork!