Activating the Automatically accept new senders option offers several advantages:

  • You no longer need to accept new senders manually*. The acceptance is done automatically as soon as a sender offers you a new document via Zoomit (invoices, salary slips, …). 
  • You will be notified by email each time a new sender has been added to your Zoomit.
  • You are still able to refuse a Sender if you do not wish to receive his documents via Zoomit and you can at any time disable this setting to return to the manual acceptation of a sender.

  • Since the implementation of our new Zoomit version in July 2019, you can now choose, among the bank accounts to which you have access. By selecting account numbers, you indicate that you want to receive documents for these bank accounts numbers digitally.

To enable this option

  • Start your Internet Banking application and go to the Zoomit section.

    Note: Some bank offer a direct link to the Zoomit menu's. If not, open a document in your bank application. The Zoomit menu's (Senders - Documents - Settings) are available on the top right of your document.

  • In the Zoomit Settings, the option Automatically accept new senders is disabled by default.

  • To activate the option, click on Yes next to Automatically accept new senders
  • Once the option is activated, new information will appear: you will have the possibility to choose the bank account(s) on which you want to automatically activate the acceptance of all your future senders

  • By clicking the icon i next to Activate on following bank accounts you will have access to the details of this option:

  • Once you have made your choice, validate by clicking Save

* If you use Zoomit via multiple banks, don’t forget to set this preference for each of your banks.


If you have previously refused an sender, your choice to not accept this sender will be respected: this sender will not be accepted automatically.

If the select account numbers option is not available, please contact your bank and check with their support if their implementation allows this choice.