Frequently asked questions

I use Zoomit, do I have to use Doccle as well?
It is the sender who chooses to share its documents between the two platforms or not.
  • If the sender does not want to share its documents on both platforms, nothing changes for you compared with the classic way of working of Zoomit.

  • If the sender wants to share its documents on Zoomit AND on Doccle, then your documents will be available on both platforms, the accepted/refused senders and the payment status will be synchronized between the two platforms.
    But you are free to use the platform of your personal preference! 
    So, regardless which platform you prefer to use, it will per default offer more senders/documents thanks to this collaboration between Doccle and Zoomit 

Which senders share their documents both on Zoomit AND Doccle?
Today, some senders have already made this choice: ARAG, DAS, Securex, TotalEnergies, Vanmarcke Software, ... but the list will gradually be extended to other senders
  • As a first step, senders of invoices (documents with a payment action and direct debit invoices)
  • Then, senders of salary slips

Note: Senders who already offer their documents on Zoomit OR Doccle will continue to offer their documents via each channel separately.

I add a sender to my Doccle account, is it automatically added to my Zoomit?
Yes, if:
  • The sender makes its documents available in parallel on Doccle AND Zoomit
  • I already have at least one active sender on Zoomit 
  • The IBAN on which my documents are addressed on Zoomit is linked* to my Doccle account 
⇨ If these 3 requirements are met, your sender will also appear as 'Accepted' on your Zoomit.

* Is my Zoomit IBAN already linked to my Doccle account?
Yes, if you have already paid an invoice in Doccle via this bank account, but you can also check via Doccle > Settings > Bank Account Numbers > 'Use to propose connections' must be activated for this IBAN.
Note: If not, you can click on 'Add bank account number'.

I paid my invoice on Zoomit, is this payment visible on Doccle and vice versa?
Yes, if:
The invoice has been paid via the 'Pay' button in Zoomit or Doccle, the two platforms then share the payment status of the document. If the payment is made outsideZoomit or Doccle, the status may not be displayed correctly (but it is possible to manually adjust the payment status on both platforms).

*By manual encoding in PC Banking or the Banking App, via your branch or a banking terminal.

The sender I added to my Doccle account also shares its documents on Zoomit, will I also receive e-mail notifications from Zoomit?
Yes, if:
You already use Zoomit = you already have at least one active sender on Zoomit.
In this case, you will also receive e-mail notifications from Zoomit, for each new document from this sender and 3 days before the payment date, because Zoomit knows your e-mail address.

Note: If you do not yet have an accepted sender on Zoomit, we do not yet know your e-mail address, so you will not receive any e-mail notifications from Zoomit. 

How long are my documents stored on Zoomit and Doccle?
I have added a sender and its documents are available on my Zoomit AND on my Doccle. How long are the documents stored?
Each platform has its own rules:
  • How long documents are stored on Zoomit depends on the sender. This information is available from the Sender tab.
  • How long documents are stored in Doccle can be found in their FAQ

Questions about Doccle?
Please visit their Help Center